Supplier for Glass Cullet

Company who manufacturer Tinted float Glass for Building and Other application use our Glass cullet as their basic raw material . As our Glass cullet  is mostly recovered from Windshield recycling and  that’s is light green in colour. The quality of Glass Cullet recovered  from  our Windshield Recycling technology is in size range from 2 to 30 mm and  is free from any type of contamination of Stone, Metal , Plastic and Rubber . So why its best for manufacturing Tinted Float Building Glass.  Quality of our Glass Cullet is so good it don’t need to wash and can be used directly.

We are working with some Tinted Building Glass manufacturing company as a Glass Cullet Supplier also. If any company is struggling to have constant supply of Glass Cullet to manufacturer Tinted Building Glass they can contact us, we will put a windshield recycling plant near to their manufacturing site and will try to provide a constant supply of Glass Cullet also.

We are also working with some Glass Research Institutes to make different  types of glass products by using windshield glass cullets like Glass Wool mats, Foam Glass bricks and some other glass decorative items. This will help us to give complete solution of windshield recycling because at many places we didn’t find buyer for Windshield Glass Cullet.