History & Future

Laxmi Polymers was founded early 2004 by Mr. Anil Rathi to make different types of Plastic and Rubber Compound for different application. With need of time and understanding its social responsibility company start doing Recycling of Plastic and Rubber . In addition to recycling of Rubber and Plastic company start doing recycling of Laminated Glass also where it was going for landfilling.

After much R&D, the Laxmi Polymers Separation technology became further developed with patents in India and pending over many regions. This technology is a workable solution to keep laminated glass from landfills and transform it into a variety of high quality useable raw materials for new products.

The company markets and sells the Laxmi Polymers Glass Separation System for the recycling of flat glass (safety glass, building glass and windshields). The glass cullet created from the process is used in various industries, while Romani provides an answer for the reprocessing of the PVB fractions, so the goal of zero waste is close to achievable.

When Romani processes the PVB fractions (from its own glass recycling production  underLaxmi Polymers and from select other sources), it is transformed from a former waste stream into advanced raw materials suitable for many industries.

From PVB scrap we make some PVB compounds which goes in many Industry to make final products like Shoes, Paint, Injection Molding component and we our self also make Car mats under brand name of Auto Aim.

The company has been recognized as a leader in the transformation of post-consumer laminated glass, and has received awards and recognition for its work.

Today, the company works with major industrial companies (with operations  in India and other countries to improve its business and expend its capacity and capabilities.

Reducing carbon footprint through the creation of new post-consumer raw materials, lowering GHG emissions from its high quality glass cullet and moving closer to a zero waste solution is all in the plan to be the best company we can be.

We are working towards Circular Economy where we are recycling one of automotive scrap that’s Windshield and manufacturing Car Mats and paint/primer for Chassis from PVB Scrap and working on Glass Cullet to make Glass Wool mats for Insulation purpose for automotive industry only.