PVB Recycling Technology

PVB Recycling Technology recovered from Windshield always have some contamination of Glass . Depending upon the process and machinery used this Glass % in PVB film scrap goes from 1 to 10% . In our technology of Windshield Recycling glass contamination is less than 1% in PVB recovered.

This PVB Recycling Technology which have some Glass contamination can’t be used as it is It has to be blended with some other Polymers , Additives , Chemical and filler and glass contamination to be removed 100%.  Depending upon the production capacity and products to be manufactured we provide different set of machinery like Oven, Mixtures, Extruder , screen changer and pelletizing line.  Company who are recovering Glass from Windshield recycling but not able to handle its PVB scrap they can also approach us. We provide them complete solutions from machinery to technology and Chemical formulation.