Product and Services Provided:-

  1. We provide two types of Windshield / Laminated Glass recycling Machinery (A) For Handling Small Quantity from 200 to 300 Tons Per Month & Semi automatic (B) For Recycling Big Quantity from 5 tons to 20 tons per Hour which is fully automatic and CE Certified.
  2. PVB recycling line along with technical know how to make different types of PVB compound for different applications and to make some final products also by using PVB scrap.
  3. Supplier of Glass Cullet for Tinted Building Glass and other type of sheet glass Manufacturer. We can make a joint venture to setup a windshield /Laminated Glass recycling plant to supply good quality of Glass Cullet.
  4. PVB compound supplier for Shoe, Paint , Mats and other application to lower down their raw material cost by replacing expensive polymers with our low price PVB compound.
  5. PVB Based adhesive ,paint & primers .
  6. PVB based Car/ door mats.

We can provide machine and technology also to manufacture different types of products from PVB Scrap.