Windshield Recycling Technology

We designed our Glass separation/Windshield recycling technology  to get following benefits , low machinery cost, low process cost , Glass cullet free from any impurity of Metal , Rubber and Plastic. PVB recovered should have less then 1% of contamination of glass so after doing years of trials we developed a technology. Which is mixture of Mechanical and Chemical to separate Glass  and PVB from laminated/ Windshield Glass  and same is patent in India and some other countries and patent is pending some other countries also .Chemical used for separation is non-hazardous  easily available and totally environment friendly  .


We designed all the system from Windshield to PVB recycling to earn big profit and with low investment. In windshield recycling technology we get 92 to 93% Glass cullet , 6 to 7 % of PVB Scrap and some other scrap of rubber bidding and metal also.  In India we sale Glass cullet from 60 to 90 USD per MT and this is 93% recovered from windshield recycling so main concern was low process and low machinery cost. To make project more profitable we worked allot with PVB and make different PVB compound which sale at 400 to 800 USD per MT.  In India we have 4 windshield recycling plant and one plant for processing PVB scrap.


Advantage of Our  Windshield Recycling Technology:-

Machine Investment:- Other than conventional Windshield recycling technology. Where you require huge investment in Plant and Machinery in our system Investment in machine is very less.

Process Cost:- Only 30 HP of electricity is required to handle 15 to 20 tons of windshield scrap per day and with minimum manpower.

Material Handling:- Machines are designed in a way which can be moved from one location to another easily depending upon damaged windshield stock position.

Quality Of Glass:- Glass recovered is free from any type of contamination of metal, plastic , rubber stone and size of glass cullet from     2mm to 20mm. In India. We sale Glass cullet to company who make figured, tinted , float glass and glass wool.

Quality of PVB Scrap recovered:-As we have to further use PVB scrap for making different types of Compounds for different applications. We have to recover PVB free from any type of contamination of glass and others. So in our technology/process PVB recovered have less than 1% contamination of glass.

Windshield Recycling Technology


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