Our Recycled PVB applications

We manufactures a range of ready-to-use recycled PVB applications raw materials for the industry, e.g. Impact Modifier and  EVAMasterbtach for Shoe application  PVB Granules for paint and adhesive industry and we make car mats also under brand name of Auto Aim. Company has developed its own PVB Adhesive,Red Oxide paint/ primer made from PVB scrap  .Its not easy to use PVB Granules as it is it should be compounded with different polymers, rubber, additives and Chemicals for different application. My Diploma in Rubber Technology and Plastic Recycling helped me to developed all this PVB compound.


Recycled post-consumer PVB cannot be used again for OEM PVB-film for a number of technical reasons, but can with great benefit be used as raw material in numerous industrial applications. We constantly further develop our product and these applications.


We work closely with different industry and develop different types of PVB compound by blending some other polymers, Additives and Chemical so that they can replace their expensive polymer with our PVB compound to have better property and save cost also.


Our main focus on development of PVB compound and some end product like mat and Paint/primer where we can use a big quantity of PVB scrap.


We have 2 extruders line anduse  around 200 tons of PVB scrap per month in India to make different PVB compounds for different application  and different end products like mat, paint etc.

We manufacturer about 5000 Car mats per month also from PVB Scrap on Injection Moulding machine.


Our PVB pellets can be used in carpet backing and others also. We develop the PVB compound depending upon nearby type of Industry we have. As in India I have footwear Industry near to us so we developed different PVB applications for footwear application.


We provide machine and technology also to handle any type of PVB Scrap and to make different type of products from PVB Scrap.

Our Recycled PVB Application


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