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Windshield PVB Recycling

Windshield and PVB Recycling | PVB Applications

We provide complete solution in Windshield  PVB recycling and focus on recycling of allover world damaged windshield. Which goes for land filling and destroy our environment. We make a joint venture to recycle windshield and PVB Applications. So that our associate shouldn’t face any problem from Machinery , technology and sailing end product Glass and PVB .

My company Laxmi Polymers handle Windshield Recycling activity and other company Romani handle PVB scrap recycling recovered from Windshield Recycling. We focused on giving a new life to post-consumer PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) from windshields and architectural/building glass (laminated glass). We are passionate about this superior raw material and eliminating the need for companies to dispose of it in landfills.

Our Windshield PVB recycling factories in India transform this former waste material into advanced sustainable polymers. That have use in many industrial applications worldwide.

Through our patented glass separation systems in India and some other countries. Which we offer for low to high volume glass recycling, companies can now separate glass from PVB for use in many industrial applications.

This unique combination provides not only a system that separates PVB Applications from post-consumer glass, but also a sustainable solution for the separated PVB to be transformed into a variety of useable new raw materials. This makes industrial scale laminated glass recycling a reality.